Fashion Reasons

Walk into the club like “What up? I got a big cock!
Nah, I’m just pumped, bought some shit from a thrift shop.
Maclemore & Ryan Lewis: Thrift Shop, 2012

High fashion follows street fashion. And where does street fashion come from? It comes from previous years and trends a.k.a. thrift stores. Young and old stylish people have known for ages that ultimate style and trends come from grandmothers attics and flea markets. True fashionistas know to thrift the million dollar finds from second hand stores.

Biggest fashion reason though is that it is not fashionable to buy unethically and non-environmentally produced products.

There is nothing stylish about ignoring the consequences of your own shopping actions.


Second hand saves resources. It takes about 2, 700 liters of water to make only one new t-shirt. That is a similar amount of water it takes a western person to drink over three years. And water is only one of the resources needed in making new clothes.

Dying, farming cotton and tanning among other stuff they do to garments and accessories also pollute the environment. If a piece of clothing gets to be used only a few times during its lifespan, all the resources used and polluting made has gone to waste.

Shopping pre-loved prevents waste. When people take good care of their garments and recycle them, the clothes do not nessessarily end up in the landfill too fast in comparison to the resourcers their manufacturing has taken.

Worker’s Rights

Buying vintage does not exploit third world garment workers – at least not in the near past. The minimum wage in garment factories in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is a fifth of the living wage. Living wage means a wage that allows a worker to cover the essential needs of their family, with a little extra left for emergencies. Over 80% of these ill payed garment workers are women. The legal minimum wage in most countries often falls short, leaving workers and their families around the worl stuck in a cycle of poverty. Take your consumer powers to use and start buying second hand.


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Anne-Maria Hirvonen

I love fashion. And cats.

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