For the Animals

The livestock industries are the worst. None of us can imagine how terrible it actually is. The main issue with the meat industry besides the death of an animal is the mass production. Meat has to be produced fast, cheap and space saving. And we need loads of it. And here is where the problem starts. With all these factors, the life of an animal becomes hell.

A documentary called „Dominion“ is what really left marks on me. What I saw looked more like one of the „Saw“ Movies than something that happens in real life. 


It takes so much more to get your steak than just feeding a cow and killing it a few months later. For the animals it’s months or even years of being punched and kicked and locked up into small cages. Broken bones, inflamed wounds, loss of eyesight or the ability to stand because they’re just to heavy for their legs. Mother cows, whose kids are taken away after only 24 hours, crying months for their babies to come back. Not knowing they will either be killed right afterwards, raised and fed to get processed meat or have the same fate as themselves, pregnancy after pregnancy until they’re too weak to stay alive.

Industry-animals are suffering their whole life.

I often hear people say that they don’t automatically support that kind of food production only by eating meat and cheese. Yes, you do. There is no other way to support meat industries than buying their products. With buying and eating those products you contribute to letting animals suffer. There shouldn’t be excuses for anyone of us to keep on harming and killing animals for our advantage.

For the Environment

There’s many ways for us humans to contribute to climate change.

Animal agriculture is responsible for more green house gas emissions than all forms of transportation worldwide combined. The main reason for that is methane – mainly produced by excrements of cows – which is 25 times more destructive than CO². 

Almost every action a human does contributes to the climate change. And it is forecasted that these emission will increase by 80% by 2050. Reducing our methane emissions – mainly feasibly by going vegan – would create benefits almost immediately.

The use of water for meat production is also unbelievable. Clean water is very rare in our world. Most of us aren’t effected by these water issues, why we tend to ignore or forget them. 

One hamburger equals 3 months of showers. That’s 25 000 liters of water! If you had to decide, what would you choose? 

Things to Note

Many people ask me what supplements I take and if I get all nutritions that I need. The answer varies, depending on your general eating habits. Being vegan means not automatically that you’re healthy. Every diet can be as healthy or unhealthy as you want to. 

As a healthy vegan the only thing you should supplement is B12 and Vitamin D if you’re a person that doesn’t like to go in the sun. But just a note: B12 deficiency is not a vegan problem. It’s an overall problem in our world, because it’s a nutrition that’s not common in nature anymore.

Going vegan may seems like a big step for you, but just remember: it can change the world. So why not start being vegan now?

Illustrations by Marisa Eger

Marisa Eger

I'm an exchange student from Germany currently studying in Finland at SeAMK.
I love graphic design and photography.

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