Post-Punk is a genre that had it’s heyday in the late 70s through mid 80s though it’s influence can be heard even today. Post-punk’s, also sometimes referred as art-punk’s traits are often melodic bass, complex rhythms and more times than often dark atmosphere. Most well known artists from the genre include the likes of Joy Division, The Cure, Wire, early-U2 and Killing Joke.

How I found post-punk

I stumbled onto the genre in 2014 when a friend recommended Joy Division to me. At the time I didn’t like them or their sound at all and I dismissed as too clumsy and simple.  That changed when few months later I happened to be watching television and a show came on that compiled different performances from bands in Top of the Pops, a british music program.  A band came on that blew me away and I was eager to find out what the artist was. Imagine my surprise when the song title info appeared on screen and revealed it was Joy Division, the band I had dismissed earlier.

Now I had to give them another listen and this time a serious one.

Why post-punk?

It is the mood and atmosphere that a lot of post-punk songs have. Especially some songs by The Cure and Joy Division have raw emotion and deep sadness that appeals to many.  I recommend post-punk to everyone who are looking for a new genre of music to delve themselves into and people who appreciate a good bassline.

Post-punk may not hook you at first listen but when it does it gets you good.

5 songs I recommend

5 albums I recommend

Illustrations by Unna Takalo

Mika Ala-Mutka

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