Personal Journey

I found myself in a situation of having way too many items to keep track of. Why would anyone need shelves full of items they wouldn’t even use? Before I had a ton of plates, forks, spoons, knives and cups. I would often end up picking up a new one almost every time I needed to eat or drink, a really stupid habit. The tower of dishes would just rise. I realized this wasn’t ideal. Having all these plates wouldn’t make my life easier – I had to sort it out. I decided to give most of it away. Now I only have a couple of plates, small and big one, few spoons, forks and knives, some mugs and only the essential kitchen tools.I did the same with my clothes, gave away all the clothes I didn’t use often and only left the ones which I really – and I mean really liked.

My closet became a little bit monotone with only black or gray clothes but I’ve never had trouble choosing what to wear when every shirt is the same and pants have three colors to choose from. For me living with less makes life simple. It’s a personal journey that may change the way you look at life.


Almost everyone living in a western culture tends to live beyond their means. Spending beyond the budget on special occasions like birthdays and holidays has become a norm. Shopping is addictive and overspending is a real problem. People thrive to spend money on things they do not need. Flash sales and days like Black Friday are great examples for this. People lose their mind over lowered prices and spend more than they normally would just to get that sweet price point – and most of them end up with lots of items they probably won’t even benefit from.

“Question what adds
value to your life.”
Joshua Fields Millburn

Photos by Joni Kuusisto

Joni Kuusisto

I'm a media production student from Finland, currently studying at SeAMK. I love photography and video productions to the bone.

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