The way dining plays a significant role in our lives

Nowadays people have simplified the concept of dining in order to save time on working and studying. The vast amount of fast food restaurants and convenience stores rapidly provide people a faster way to have a meal. However, you might not realize the way we eat and who we eat with are more important than we thought. For instance, dinner time might be the only chance that we can get in touch with other people. Would you rather choose a hamburger or a good time with family, actually paying attention to the important person in front of you?

A nice place for people to get together

Café KISMUS is an unusual cafe shop located in Seinäjoki, which is owned by the Lutheran church and operated by a woman named Aila Orsila. The Café has different opening hours related to different groups of people. “In day time from 10am-2pm Café is opened for people who might be lonely, elderly or unemployed. Those who have the time to visit at this hour are all invited. From 2pm-5pm the demographic consists mostly of pupils and students who can do homework or play games after school while waiting for their parents.”, says Aila. They also teach Finnish language and knitting to international students and immigrants with some snacks and coffee after 5 pm. Aila emphasized that the Café is unlike the usual cafeteria, student’s evening is free of charge and the price of café is very cheap as well.” It’s not for business, but for people to gather together.

A warm place where you won’t feel lonely.

A shared kitchen once a month

The idea of a shared kitchen came from exchange students two years ago. Even though the kitchen in the Cafe is not big enough for a lot of people to be in there at the same time, people can utilize the long dining tables in the cafe to process ingredients and bring them into the kitchen once they are done. All the while, chatting, getting to know one another and having a great time. Some foods are free leftovers from a market.

The environment is an important element which impacts people’s behavior as well. The particular shape and distance of the dining table can bring different feelings to a person. When the table is designed in a round irregular shape, the people can see each other faces and they feel more comfortable to start a conversation.

In cafe KISMUS, there’s not only a flexible table you can move however you like but also a wide aisle with a bookshelf for kids to run around in. Kids can play around while the customers are preparing dinner. Elders can sit on the sofa beside the table and read books or knit. The place with a good atmosphere makes people closer to each other. Once the dinner is done, almost 40 people can eat together sitting at a long table below a warm yellow light, discussing how mouthwatering these foods are. Even if you study abroad from your home country or work alone, you can always find this kind of lovely place to make your life more colorful, relaxed and warm.  

Cherishing human connections should catch attention in future

People have become somewhat alienated from each other by technology that offers them limitless amounts of entertainment. They would rather look at their smartphones than talk to the person next to them. Luckily, this is already seen as a problem and there are more and more spaces for people to build a real connection with activities like baking courses or floral design lessons. With shared kitchen, people don’t have to find that extra time to socialize. Just find a place like Café KISMUS, enjoy eating and have some good conversations. This way of eating might be even more important in the future.

People are social creatures who need company.

Try to participate in “dining together”. You might even truly feel like being able to live without technology.

Photo by Kuang-Jou Chen

Kuang-Jou Chen

SeAMK exchange student from Taiwan.

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