Does your mind go blank when you try to think of fun jobs you could work in? In fact, work doesn’t have to be a normal or boring experience you simply have to survive everyday. When we were little children, we always dreamed about getting a cool job as our life’s work. However, as we grow up, we become more realistic and gradually forget about those dream. The reality is that work does not have to be boring.

This article, which may recall your memory of your childhood, will introduce five interesting jobs.

1. Disney Imagineer

For most of the kids around the world, a Disney theme park is a fantastic place for them to have fun. A Disney Imagineer is a unique and creative job. The Imagineers dream up, design and build all Disney theme parks, attractions, as well as real estate developments worldwide. They always make magic happen. Imagineers create everything from the parade floats to the new rides and parks. They create the dreamland for your inner child to come out and play.

2. Ice Cream Taster

As an Ice cream taster, you do not only get to eat and test new flavours, you also create them. This means it is your job to create new concepts for ice cream flavours that will come up based on the trend. However, the job doesn’t just involve creating and eating ice cream. It takes several months for a flavour to go from concept to the shops. There is a lot of paperwork, experiments and market research involved. To become an Ice cream taster, you do not only need to love ice cream, but also need a degree in food science or dairy science.

3. Cartoon Animator

Cartoon animators create their animations through a series of pictures that make them come alive, which requires strong artistic and imaginary abilities. Professional cartoon animators usually work in teams. They split up the work and cooperate with one another. As a cartoon animator, you should be able to use computer animation or modelling programs to simulate lifelike characters and images.

4. Legoland Designer

Would you like to play with Lego all day and get paid? As a Legoland designer, you will be responsible for designing, engineering and building Lego sculptures and features around Legoland. You  will build almost everything from animals to 1:1 scale replicas of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. To get this job, you need to be pretty well qualified with degrees in either architecture or engineering.

5. Toy Designer

Toy designers are those who design and create toys. As the soul of toy industry, toy processing plays an irreplaceable role in the production and development of a brand.Their job is to figure out what kind of toy can be adapted to trend and then create new ones. Generally, they need to have a wide range of knowledge including art design, electronics, mechanical manufacturing et cetera. Isn’t it cool to imagine your own child playing with the toys you designed?

From the crazy to the fun, the serious to the cool, there are tons of jobs out there that you might never have heard of. One of them might just be in your dream jobs list. It’s never too late to find that job and fight for it!

Illustrations by Marisa Eger

Jing Lin

I'm an exchange student from China, currently studying at SeAMK.

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