Loud & Proud

What Loud is all about

Unna: “11 weeks, 27 students and one magazine. You are holding the third issue of LOUD, made by SeAMK’s Cultural Management students and exchange students. I can proudly say that every student left a part of themselves between these pages and the magazine truly radiates our passion to create.”

Essi: “Yes, passion is exactly the word I was thinking about! It has been great to see how everyone in our team has worked so hard and brought their interests together as a cohesive work of art. These people from different backgrounds and cultures have united their strengths and made this project true.”

Unna: “And LOUD doesn’t end when you’re done with the reading. Our video and podcast team has made it possible for LOUD to be also heard and seen. With these platforms the articles have really come to life. With every project there’s a lot of work behind the scenes.”

Essi: “The articles in this issue cover different subjects all the way from ancient religions to sending cargo ships to Mars. Everyone has written about something they are passionate about and that’s what makes LOUD real.”

Chiara: “Being one of the only foreigners in a class can be really hard – especially in the beginning. But the finnish students included me from the first moment and made working on LOUD a lot of fun. The mix of several different nationalities can make a group work hard sometimes, but exactly this variety makes LOUD  the magazine it is now.”

So, a big thank you to everyone!
Dear reader, now it’s time for You to get LOUD!